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In the field

Just a break from my latest "dramatic" photos.

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Camel in Luxembourg ?

On the way back from work I had the surprise to see this stranger in a field.
I stoppped the car and was thinking what is this camel doing in Luxembourg ?
I took the picture and turned back when I realised there was a circus a couple of meters away...

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Château des Ducs de Lorraine

Nobody knows when the original castle was built, but there was already some construction in 11th century.
The castle as it is now was built in 15th century and some parts were added in 18th century. The castle was the home of the "Ducs de Lorraine", it is located in north-east of France next to Luxembourg border.
More information can be found at (in french only though).

Friday, May 11, 2007

Down town

This beautiful place is located in a huge park down the city

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Visiting a castle

This is the castle of Sierck Les bains, next to where I live

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Theme day

Theme day is city exchange.
Here is a picture I took last time I was in Berlin visiting some good friends.